Every year thanksgiving marks the start of adding on those holiday pounds for many, up until the New Year when we are making the same resolution of losing weight again.

But thanksgiving only comes around once a year so why not just splurge a little and enjoy it!! You can enjoy your meal and still stay on the path of eating right.

Here are a few tips to enjoy your thanksgiving and still stay healthy:

Wake up early and get active – If you are hosting the dinner, then get up really early and get cooking. If you are just attending one, try getting a work out in early before your meal.

Eat breakfast – You are going to feel less hungry later so you will probably want to eat less and save yourself from a few extra calories.

Stick to water – Save your calories for the food and pass on the eggnog, hot chocolate, apple cider, or alcoholic beverages.

Lighten up – If you are making a few dishes, make sure your recipes are healthier with less fat, sugar, and calories in them. Look for healthy substitutes to use in your recipes.

Don’t take any leftovers – You will eat it later and depending on the portion, it can sabotage a lot of your hard work so just pass on leftovers so you can go back to eating healthier sooner.

Press pause on seconds – I know it is hard to resist but try to eat slowly so your brain has more time to register that you are full. If you are already feeling full there is no reason to keep eating.

Focus on family and friends – Thanksgiving is about much more than just food. It is about appreciating and spending time with the people around you and taking time to be thankful for what you have.