Apply sunscreen. Make sure its 15 SPF or higher. Reapply when necessary
Use insect repellent so you don’t get any bites
Take a bath a day to keep germs from all the sweat away
Stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 cups of water
Wear loose light clothes so your body can breathe
Eat a lot of fruit with high water content to stay cool and healthy


Low Calorie Summer Fruit Snacks

  1. Fruit pops – Pick your favorite fruits, mash them up and place them in a plastic cup. Add a Popsicle stick and freeze them over night.
  2. Fruit smoothies – Blend some fruits along with low fat yogurt and ice.
  3. Slice and serve – Nothing is more refreshing and nutritious then fresh watermelon, berries, and grapes after having fun in the sun.