What you eat in that hour after a workout is usually the most important meal of the day and can help or hinder your progress. To be ready for your next workout, you need to recover from your last one. It’s just like putting gas in your car, you need to put the right type and amount in to get you to where you want to go without stopping. Food is fuel for your body; you need the right kind of food in the right quantity in order for your body to recover properly.

It is important to drink 9-12 cups of water a day, especially if you exercise regularly. Drinking a sufficient amount of water rids your body of toxins, carries nutrients to cells, and prevents dehydration. Eating food that’s high in water content, not only hydrates your body, but also gives you vitamins, minerals, fiber, and electrolytes.

For hydration:

Celery, watermelon, bell peppers, strawberries, or cantaloupe


For faster recovery:

  1. Protein – your body is depleted of important amino acids after a workout. protein helps build and repair muscles and bones.
    Try chicken turkey, hummus, eggs, yogurt, or fish
  2. Carbohydrates – You need them to replace the muscle fuel you used up and get you ready for your next workout.  About 60% of your meal should consist of carbs.
    Try brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain pasta, bread, or cereal
  3. Omega 3s– these essential fats are good for joint and heart health. They are great for any injuries because they reduce inflammation and have you healing faster.
    Try salmon or other seafood, walnuts, avocado, flaxseed, and nuts


Stay away from:

Fats, alcohol, sugar, and fried food