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All Natural Alert! (Brain)

All Natural Alert! (Brain)


The ingredients found in Alert Herbal formula help increase the level of neurotransmitters working to ultimately improve blood flow to the brain so that more oxygen and nutrients will reach it. 
Not only will this aid in brain function and boost memory, it will also help fight free radicals and eliminate toxins before they accumulate. 
Alert formula contains the following herbs that are known to help circulation and brain function;
Ginko Biloba : Known as the ‘memory herb’ because of its ability to improve brain circulation. This imporves clarity, slertness, depression, and helps the body eliminate free radicals. 
Ginger : helps improve memory, cognitive function, and increases the supply of nutrients to the brain. 
Ginseng : Improves mental sharpness, performance, motor skills, and attention span. Helps reduce fatigue to enhance energy.
Hawthorn : Great source of antioxidants to repair damaged cells and tissues in the brain to develop better retention of information. It strengthens tissues throughout the body to promote good blood flow to the brain. 
Warning: consult a health care professional before taking if you take any prescription blood thinning medications or if you regularly take any painkillers or other prescribed medications.

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