theobromine for weight loss mega thinMetabromine® is an alkaloid derived from the cocoa tree. Its key element in it also found in chocolate called theobromine, which has been safely consumed for centuries all around the world.

This ingredient that’s found in the Mega Thin Formula offers a number of benefits when taken with a balanced diet and is helpful for all ages. This extract provides a mild aphrodisiac effect, along with an energy boost and mood enhancing abilities. Similar to those of eating chocolate, but without all the calories!!

cocoa tree for weight loss mega thin

The Cocoa Tree


Metabromine® also has a diuretic effect on the body and helps reduce bloating due to water, which makes a great pick for body builders who want to get ripped before a competition. It suppresses the appetite, while warming the body up without over stimulating the nervous system.

So if you’re looking to lose weight try our Mega Thin Formula. It is composed of 10 natural ingredients designed to help your body look better.. So you can lose weight and look better right in time for swim suit season!!