weight lossIt’s easy to neglect your abs, especially when you’re not going to the gym, but working on them serves a greater purpose than just good looking abs. These muscles are responsible for core and spine stability. A strong core helps you age better in the decades to come, gives you a better posture, and is especially important if you have back problems or you sit all day.


Natural body exercises are really important in strengthening the inner and outer abs. Focus on:

  • Slow it down – to create more tension. Try a 3 to 3 tempo when doing crunches. That means go up for 3 counts and then down for 3.
  • Change the angle – this helps the intensity of the workout and targets different ab muscles. Try doing crunches on a decline bench more of an angle.
  • Challenge the stability – working on stability challenges more muscles and strengthens your body. Begin with planks on the floor, when comfortable try plank on a physioball




Try to keep abdominal workouts to a maximum of 3-5 times per week. Abs need time to recover and build just like your other muscles do.

Focus on quality rather than quantity. If it takes you half an hour to feel your ab workout than your doing something wrong.

Hold your core tight through all your abs exercises. You will feel them stronger with every workout.