If you are one of the many people that starts to get cracked hands or flaky legs once the weather gets chilly, then you’re not alone.  Dermatologists say that dry skin is the number one complaint among their patients during the winter. Your skin is your body’s first defense against the sun, wind, and cold so naturally it’s going to need a little effort to rejuvenate it.

Dry skin can be caused by many different elements and feels very uncomfortable. If you exercise avidly, wash your hands with harsh soaps, or take long hot showers, you’re even more susceptible to getting dry skin.


Help save your skin by:

  1. Taking short showers
  2. Making sure the water temperature is lukewarm rather than hot
  3. Drinking plenty of water everyday
  4. Moisturizing skin after showers and washing hands
  5. Exfoliating skin at least once a week
  6. Staying away from moisture robbing soaps
  7. Not wearing wooly sweaters that can irritate the skin
  8. Researching the ingredients in moisturizers to ensure they are gentle and natural
  9. Using a humidifier
  10. Remembering to keep lip balm close by and using it several times a day to keep lips from getting chapped



Excegone rocket cream is made for dry skin

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If you suffer from winter dryness, try something that works!! 

Your skin will thank you :)