Sweating is very important, especially when working out. It serves a few healthy purposes, such as cooling your body off when it gets too heated; it is like your own built in air conditioner and the more you exercise the more you train your body to sweat. By keeping cool you can exercise harder and for longer amounts of time.

Sweating also gets rid of toxins in the body. I’m sure you all have been around that person at the gym that stinks after they sweat and all you can do is keep some space from them.  The more you stink when you sweat, the more toxic you are and the more you need to sweat. You body uses sweat as a detoxification to purify your insides.

Ideally, you want your sweat to taste and smell neutral, which means your body in hydrated and balanced with minimal toxins; however this may not be the case all the time.

Have you ever noticed when your sweat tasted a certain way?

Salty — Too many carbs or sodium based foods

Sweet –Fruits, sugar, chocolate, sweets, alcohol

Sour — Increased dairy or soy products

Vinegar — Too many proteins or animal products

Next time you exercise try to notice the taste and smell of your sweat so you can make some adjustments to your diet.  Be sure to stay hydrated so you can flush out all the toxins!