Wear loose fitting clothes
looser attire helps to wick sweat away so that it doesn’t stick to your skin. Wearing spandex makes your sweat stick to your skin, which can cause different skin infections.

Tie your hair in a high bun
pinning your hair in a bun will help keep the sweat off of it and give you that tousled look once you let it down post workout. After exercising you can dry your damp roots with a blow dryer to give it more volume.

Try dry shampoo and leave in conditioner
Does your hair need to a wash but you don’t have the time? Try dry shampoo to give it a clean fresh look without the water. If you don’t want to shampoo your hair every day, you can just wet it and add leave in conditioner. If you use shampoo daily, I would recommend finding a gentle formula shampoo.

Put your bangs up
use a pin or a head band to put your bangs up. This will help prevent sweat from getting trapped on your forehead, which can cause breakouts.

Wash your gym clothes after every use
Make sure to wear clean gym attire so you smell fresh. It’s just common gym etiquette. Also, change your sweaty clothes right after your workout. Not only is it uncomfortable, as a woman you can develop yeast infections from damp undergarments.

Bring your own towel
to avoid undesirable skin problems bring your own clean and fresh towel.

Remove all make up
makeup can clog your pores and not let your skin breath during your workout. If you must wear something, try a tinted moisturizer, along with a dab of water proof mascara, and lip balm.

Wash your face immediately after your workout
Get the sweaty remains off your face in order to avoid break outs. Washing it with cold water right after you are done will help unclog your skin.

Drink water like it’s your job
drink plenty of water before and after a workout to flush out all the toxins in your body and to restore the water you lost during exercise.

Keep your skin moisturized
Working out everyday can take a toll on your skin’s moisture, especially when you take a hot shower after it. Also, you will probably get calluses from lifting weights if you are not wearing gloves. Make sure your skin is always moisturized before and after your workouts.

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