The primary active ingredient in forslean is the root extract called Coleus Forskohlii, which is an ancient plant member of the mint and lavender family. It grows in the high altitudes in Asia and has many benefits, especially with weight loss.


Increases Lean Muscle

This supplement actively works to improve lean body mass and decrease fat storage and uptake. Increasing lean body mass is really important to the overall health of the body especially while losing fat at the same time. The percentage of lean body mass to fat determines a lot about the body’s appearance. A higher percentage compared to fat stored enhances physical fitness, health status, and susceptibility to disease.

** That is why it is important to eat foods that help increase lean body mass (protein filled foods are a great choice and help suppress your appetite.)

Increases Metabolism

It stimulates the production and release of the thyroid hormone, which controls the metabolism to increase metabolic rate. This in turn improves the digestion of food and burns fat.

Enhances Mood

Forslean also claims to offer a mood boosting benefit along with its ability to increase metabolism and lean muscle mass. Due to its ability to enhance thyroid activity, which in turn helps stabilize mood swings, it is used to treat mood related disorders like depression.

ForsLean®Coleus Root is just one out of 10 natural ingredients combined to create the Mega Thin Formula