How do I use the acne kit?

Start by washing your face with the botanical cleanser and drying it thoroughly. Afterwards, place a small amount of botanical toner on a piece of cotton and apply directly to the face. Lastly, spread It’s Gone lotion evenly on your face and especially in areas that have or are prone to acne outbreaks.

How do I order?

You can order through our secure website using Paypal or we can take any major credit cards over the phone. Just call our toll free number 1-855-721-3883 or email us at

When will my order arrive?

You will receive your order from 5-7 business days guaranteed. We ship through USPS only to customers residing in the United States.

Does the Mega Thin Formula work for everyone?

It doesn’t work for everyone. We have a 5% return rate. It works differently with every body type but most people love our formula. We can’t please everyone. The only way you can know if it works for you is by trying it yourself and if you don’t like it there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Do I have to exercise to see results with the Mega Thin Formula?

The Mega Thin Formula is designed to be taken with along with diet and exercise. It is the optimal way to burn fat and lose weight. Some of our customers lose weight just by taking it because it helps decrease cravings and increase metabolism. Taking our product can help you live a healthier lifestyle. Check out our blog for more tips.

How Long Does Each Bottle Last?

It varies depending on how many capsules you take. Each bottle has 90 capsules and the recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day so our bottles are designed to last 30 days. However, everybody is different and they may need more or less to satisfy them through the day.

Is Excegone Rocket Cream only for eczema and psoriasis?

No. This cream was formulated to help skin heal from eczema and psoriasis, however, it has been found to work on other dermatitis conditions. Dry cracked skin, mosquito bites, and itchy skin have benefited from this cream.

How do I apply the cream?

We recommend using the cream three times daily for two weeks, then at least twice daily especially at bedtime. A little bit goes a long way and it spreads easily on the skin.

Can it be used on pregnant women and young children?

Yes. There have been no adverse reactions to this cream by pregnant women and young children. As always, if you have any concerns consult your healthcare provider regarding the ingredients. There is a slight astringent quality to the cream due to the nature of the natural oils and should not be used on open cuts or wounds.

Can it be used on normal skin?

Yes. It makes a wonderful general moisturizer because of its emollient qualities, and can make the skin suppler with continued use.

Does is feel greasy or leave a odor?

No. Although Excegone Rocket Cream is made of several natural oils it penetrates the skin quickly leaving behind a silky feeling. Your skin will continue to feel hydrated. There is no fragrance added so it is hypo-allergenic and will not intefere with any perfumes colognes.

How soon can I see results?

We have seen results in as little as three days. Typical results range from 7-28 days. Since eczema and psoriasis vary in cause and severity, the result times will also vary. Please remember that any skin condition may be affected by personal health, eating habits, environmental conditions and possible allergies to food, fabric, household cleansers, etc.

How do I store it?

It is recommended that Excegone Rocket Cream be stored in a dry, cool place away from heat.