If you have ever been to a Thai or Indian restaurant and tried a spicy dish or saw somebody else try it, I’m sure you have noticed the beads of sweat forming all around every spicy bite. We all heard that spicy food can increase metabolic rate and thus lead to weight loss. Have you ever wondered if that is true? As a spicy food lover I sure have.. At the end if it makes me skinny I’ll be packing on more hot sauce.

A study at Purdue University was done on a set of random participants. Half of them ate spicy food on a regular basis and the other half did not. They wanted to see if spicy food would affect their metabolism and appetite when It was added to the mix.

Both groups’ metabolisms were monitored when eating spicy and non-spicy food (as a control to see how they react to normal food). Indeed there was an increase in metabolic rate when eating spicy food. However, the biggest change was seen in those not used to eating spicy food.

So it’s like everything else in this world. We get desensitized after doing the same thing for so long. Its like the body gets used to it after a while and the metabolism gets back to normal. Moral of the story.. Everything in moderation.. If you don’t eat spicy food you might want to try it every once in a while. On the other hand, if you like a lot spice in your life and want to lose weight, you might want to cut back so your body doesn’t get used to it!