Every new year most of us make the same resolution to lose weight! After we put on a few holiday pounds it’s only natural to become inspired to get healthier. The only problem is we tend to get off track and become discouraged. That’s when the weight comes back and sometimes more than before!!
To lose weight and keep it off, start thinking of a life style change, rather than a drastic diet. That’s the only way to really stay on track to a healthier life.

Step 1. Sleep a full 8 hours – Being deprived of sleep may increase hunger and threaten the body’s metabolism. Good sleep promotes a stronger immune system, less stress, and helps you lose weight. Time to take care of your body and catch up on some beauty sleep.

Step 2. Write down your goals– If you want to do something, write it down. Food journals, diaries, and to do lists are really important to keep you focused and on the right track. The most important part is to make them reasonable so you don’t get discouraged. A great acronym to follow while writing goals is SMART.


You can also set mini goals for yourself:
Week One: Drink 10 glasses of water per day.
Week Two: Take the steps at work instead of the elevator.
Week Three: Switch to green tea or juice
Week Four: Eliminate fried foods.
Week Five: Begin eating one vegetarian meal per week.


Step 3. Remove all temptation – Go through your fridge and pantry and remove all bad foods, like cakes, pies, chips, and any other empty calorie foods. Fill your kitchen with nutrient enriched foods instead, such as lean proteins (chicken or turkey breast, fish, and eggs), fresh fruits (apples, oranges, grapes, and strawberries), vegetables (green peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms), healthy snack foods (non-fat cottage cheese, protein bars, and sugar free jello), and bottled water.

Step 4. Develop an exercise program – Have a regular exercise routine that you enjoy, but don’t be afraid to try out a few new classes to keep you challenged and excited. Aim to work out at least 3 times a week. A combination of aerobic exercise, strength training and flexibility work make up a complete workout.

Step 5. Seek support of others – Find a buddy that wants to lose weight too and support each other to be healthier. It’s always easier when you have someone to through it with you so commit with a friend or coworker or even seek support online. You can contact Magic Herb for support as well.

Step 6. Break bad habits –This is the most difficult part in the process to lose weight but also the most important. Habits like eating while watching TV, snacking after dinner, and picking up that convenient fast food can hinder your progress to be healthier

Most Importantly…